Westchester Mortgage Refinancing | Westchester County Tax Services

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The average cost of a home in Westchester County is $683,904. If you are like most homeowners you have a mortgage on your property typically at a fixed interest rate over 15 or 30 years. If you took out that mortgage several years ago it is possible that the interest rate is higher than today’s rate. The amount of money paid in interest can add up. In fact, over the life of your mortgage much of your payments will go to interest. Many people...

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If I Work Remotely Where Do I Pay Taxes?

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The current pandemic has led many people to work from home whether by choice or necessity. The new work arrangement has meant no commute, more time with family and less money on gas. For individuals who work for an out-of-state employer remote work can have unexpected consequences. Typically employees are taxed in the state where they live or where they earn income. Some states have reciprocity agreements that obligate employees to pay tax only...

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Do Green Card Holders Pay Taxes?

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The United States tax law can be confusing to say the least. There are certain types of income that is taxed, some that is taxed at reduced rates and some that is tax-free. To add to the mix taxes may be owed at the state and in some cases at the city level.  We are often asked whether green card holders have to file and pay U.S. taxes if they are not U.S. citizens. As a green card holder you are treated, for tax purposes, as if you are a...

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NY Enrolled Agent

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(888) 561-7287 Enrolled Agents are IRS-authorized tax professionals who must pass a background check and take continuing education to stay up to date on the ever-changing, complex tax rules and regulations. We don’t work for the IRS, we work for you. Get Help Tax and Bookkeeping is a NY Enrolled Agent offering responsive and reliable tax and accounting. Your accountant should be someone who helps you save taxes, plan for the future and build...

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Is Your Side Gig a Business or Hobby?

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In today’s world it is not uncommon to have a side gig. With rents increasing and the cost of living skyrocketing many people do things on the side or work two jobs just to survive. If you live in an expensive, urban area like San Francisco, NYC or Los Angeles you know what I mean.   The big question is whether your side gig is a business or a hobby. It’s important to know this because the IRS treats money made from a hobby differently...

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Can I Get a Tax Deduction For Donating a Car?

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“No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank There is something to be said about giving. It brings joy to be able to help others in need. It is an added bonus that you could potentially receive a tax deduction in the process. To take full advantage of the tax incentive it helps to know the requirements. It’s nice to give but not every deduction is tax deductible. In order to be tax deductible the donation must be made to a...

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