Creating an LLC for Your Amazon FBA or Ebay Business

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For many Amazon or Ebay store owners the decision of whether to choose a corporation or LLC for their business is sometimes the furthest from their mind. However, the choice is an important one and can affect you in many ways. An LLC, or limited liability company, is an entity formed to protect your personal assets from lawsuits connected with your business. Setting one up will normally require that you submit an Articles of Organization...

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Sales Tax and Your Amazon Seller Account

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As an Amazon seller you spend a lot of time pricing, sourcing or figuring out what to sell. It is easy to overlook sales tax. Many online sellers do not understand when they should collect sales tax and what obligations they have to distribute those funds to the individual states. Here is some basic information to get you started. WHEN SHOULD SALES TAX BE COLLECTED? Sales tax should be collected from a buyer located in a state where you have...

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Work ON Your Business Not In Your Business

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Small business owners are a rare breed. Unlike employees they are willing to take on the risks and responsibilities running their own business to, hopefully, reap great rewards in return. Those who are able to do so will face several challenges along the way. Some of these challenges will determine the very life of your business. Before you embark on your journey you will first need to answer a few questions: IS THERE A MARKET FOR YOUR PRODUCT...

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7 Tips For Solopreneurs

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“Know your numbers. Know your costs to every tenth, and at the end of the month, you can see where you need to fix those numbers.” -Tilman Fertitta, Entrepreneur and owner of the Houston Rockets Running a business sounds like a fantasy – being your own boss, setting your own hours, following your passion. In reality starting a company comes with its own stresses and risks, all of which you’ll have to face by yourself. Want to open up a...

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Taxes and Your Side Hustle

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Running a side hustle is no easy task. You juggle your business alongside a job and other responsibilities while trying to increase sales. Finally, you gain some traction. If you’re like many part-time entrepreneurs taxes is not the first thing on your mind. However, ignoring them could be a big mistake. Unlike your regular job where your employer withholds taxes from your paycheck, as an independent contractor, you typically submit those taxes...

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How Can A Virtual Accountant Help My Business

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Benefits of a Virtual Accountant As a small business owner you realize the importance of having your finances in order. After all, the decision to buy, sell, hire or fire are all based on your company’s financial status. Thankfully there are options. We will go through some of the ways how a virtual accountant can help your business. The thought of using a virtual accountant might be a new concept to some. Some connect the word “virtual” with...

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